David Morales

When I first heard the KV2 speaker system, I was totally impressed. The quality of the sound coming out of the speakers was amazing. After listening to them I had to reach out to KV2 Audio and asked for a pair for my studio. I am now also going to change my tech rider and ask for KV2 Audio speaker.

David Morales

Grammy Award Winning DJ & Producer

KV2 Audio South Africa
What is KV2 Audio?

Just for a few minutes, forget everything else you have read about speaker system design and think about what truly defines clear, quality sound.

Today we live in a world that has compromised audio quality. Technological advancements now try to bend the rules of physics, focus on slick user interfaces and create virtual equipment in an effort to save space and money.

Digital Sound Processing is everywhere, manufacturers strive to control every aspect of sound reproduction but all the while it moves us further and further from the original source, its timbre and dynamics. Capturing the emotion and ambience of a performance has become secondary.

At KV2 the true reproduction of the original sound and its dynamics are the key elements in the development of our products. We have bucked industry trends and broken industry standards to find the best possible audio solutions both analog and digital.

We don’t simply gauge our system’s performances on published specifications; we gauge it by the smiles on people’s faces.

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